Help Brain Snack

The game

In Brain Snack you need to feed five hungry zombies with the aid of your brain firing cannon. The more things your brains hit on the way down to the zombies, the more points you get. The game contains over 100 levels and more will be added regularly. For each level you must try to score as many points as possible - both to get three stars, but not least, to be the best among your friends.

Game modes

Level games The game gives initially only access to level games where you complete levels in the order they appear. Each level has a different goal, but you should always try to score many points. Highscore Contest In the highscore contest you have 30 minutes to get a highscore on a randomly selected level - the player with the highest score when the time is up, wins the pot. There are also smaller token prizes for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place. You start the highscore contest by pressing the trophy at the top left. The Survival Shop is not accessible during the highscore contest.

How to steer

The basic controls are simple - just point your mouse and click to fire the cannon. Shot strength is determined by how far the mouse is from the cannon. Shot direction can be fine-tuned with the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Level types

There are four different types of levels: Fire all shots - here you need to use all shots in the cannon to complete the level. In contrast to the other level types, you can therefore not achieve bonus points for having any shots left. Colour the zombies - here you need to feed each of the five zombies with at least one brain, to give them their ordinary healthy skin colour back. Bring down the big brains - the level contains some very big brains, hearts or kidneys. You need to push them down so the zombies can stuff themselves with them. Remove the evil eyes - here you have to shoot all the orange eyes that are in the level.

Survival Shop

During the game you are given access to a Survival Shop. Here you can buy all sorts of survival equipment that makes your battle with the levels and zombies more manageable. You can by all equipment with diamonds that are won by completing levels. If you can not afford the equipment you need, you may want to go back and play some easier levels to gather more diamonds. Mega brain - a very large brain that hits many things at a time. Aim assist - when activated it gives you a much longer line of sight. Split brain - when firing a split brain, it splits to multiple brains. Acid brain - acid brain fly through and destroy almost everything it hits, instead of colliding with it. Ice gun - fire the ice gun to stop all movement in the level during your next three shots Bomb - insert a bomb in the level to blow up a large area.


Tokens are won by completing a level. A prize-spinner extracts a random prize or bank.