Players' rating: 4.3 / 5

Balloon Buster 3

The circus has come to town! Balloon Buster 3 is a new and lively version of the classic balloon game. Compete to reach the highest round, or the highest number of points that can be scored in the game's challenges. There are great token prizes every 3 and 24 hours to the top 50 players.

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Point overview

  • 10 balloons bursted 1 XP
  • Bonus spin 25 XP
  • Rounds completed 100 XP
  • Adventure Level Completed 100 XP
  • Challenge completed 200 XP

User reviews

very fun


lovely colors

by pepper18
would like to recommend it to everyone as it's a fun,colorful games! Even my 2-year-old daughter tried to get the mouse from me and start clicking it hoping she can burst one!