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This lovely Yatzy game can be played with 5, 6 or 12 dice. You an also play with coloured dice or QuickYatzy, where players don't have to wait for each other. VIP-members can win some great achievements!

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The best game on this site

by zeljka2301
The best game on this site, addicted to it!
Played it on another site, but here, can't compare it, way, way better then anywhere else.


by lady2000
great game to play i would recommend this game to anyone so tell your friend and family they will love it too

Brilliant game

by tozzi
great game to play i would recommend this game to anyone so tell your friend and family they will love it too


by Petal51
Absolutely recommend this game where the players are friendly and do not mind what your rating is. Best game on the internet. So come along and play

Love yatzy

by DaniBear
The few of us who do still play are fed up of waiting so long for a game. Why can't we play against the computer? This needs updating.


by psilver45
the inventor of this game needs to listen to all the other players you need to let the computers take the place of other players so you will not have to wait so long to play, I love this game but losing interest in it because of this

where have all the players gone

by she759
great game played it on this site for years but all the players have gone! now its hard to get a game


by joivor
good if you don't mind waiting for a game!!!! not enough players need to have computers as subs for players

my fav game

by irishqueen7
love this game.if i had to be picky i would say it needs comps to be able to substitute players ie when there are no other players in the game,also waiting times are sometimes frustrating.otherwise thumbs up from me.

to long waiting

by connorsnanny
love the game but waiting tme for people to play is crazy do it so we can play against the computer please xx

Love this game

by haleena2001
Only improvement I would make on this is if you could play against just the computer. If that was done then you would have to make the computer more difficult to beat. Other then that love it. Such a shame more people don't play this.

Something you love, needs more.

by xpattix
Improvement needed for those wanting to play without waiting for someone to let you join or needing to create a game nobody joins. Playing less Yatzy and more Waiting isn't ideal! Wish you would listen to players more.


by beerbellybil
the best game on paw pity we don't get more people on to play with , it is annoying when you have to wait for players to let you join a game