World Trader Game instruction

World Trader can be played by 2-4 players.

The objective of the game is to buy all the cities, make trades with your opponents and try to create a monopoly by owning all the cities of the same colour. If you succeed, you can buy houses and hotels and thereby collect more of your opponents when they land on your squares. But be careful not to go bankruptcy because you spend too much money!

1. The cities
2. Description of the Board
3. Basic Rules

The cities

Hold the mouse over a city to see the name of the city A little review of the cities you will visit on your way round the game board: From Rabat in North Africa, through Asia, across the Pacific Ocean to America and over the Atlantic Ocean to Copenhagen in Europe.

Desciption of the Board

1 - Free property The property can be bought if you land on it.
2 - Bought property The colour indicates the owner of the property.
3 - Pawn property You can see that a property is pawned by the pawn noteXXX.
4 - Chance There are 5 chanche squares. If you land on one of these you draw a Chance Card. This can be either positive or negative.
5 - Bank The bank collects half of all taxes and fines from the game, and the amount is yours if you land here.
6 - Airport There is a total of 4 Airport squares. The more you own the more money you make on them.
7 - Oil Well & Oil Rig The 2 Oilfield squares. If you own them both you make more money on them.
8 - Low Gas If you land here and you do not have a spare can of Gas you go direktly to the Gas Station and do not cash in any money on rent for at least one round.
9 - Gas Station If you land here you receive a free refill.
10 - Bonus 25% If you are the last one to have landed here, you receive 25 % extra passing start.
11 - Estate If you are the last one to have landed here, you receive 10 % of the costs of all players' house buying.
12 - Tax If you land here you will either have to pay 10 % of what you own or € 2000.
13 - Service If you land on service, you will either have to pay € 1000 for the repair of your car.
14 - Your menu From left to right: buy house, sell house, pawn property, remove pawn, make an auction and make a trade.
15 - Property overview Here you can see the properties that have been bought and by whom. You can use the coloured buttons to define the display.

Basic Rules

General Rules

Buying a Property
You can buy any free property you land on as long as you are good for the money. If you either cannot of will not pay the value of the property, you can put it up for auction in stead.

An auction of a property can be started, either if you do not want to buy the property you have landed on or if you have a property you wish to sell to the highest bidder. When you put a property up for auction, it is sold for the highest bid. You can, however, not take part in the bidding if you are the owner of the property.

Trade with other players
A trade will always take place between you an an opponent. You set up a trade by clicking on the trade button, then a trade banner appears in yours. You can at any time set up or approve of a trade with your opponents. A trade will, however, first be valid when it is one of the other players' turn. The bank is able to prevent a player from making deals with other players to avoid cheating. This happens when it is assumed that the user in question no longer is in control of his/her economic situation in the game. If this is the case, the player in question will be notified.

Buying/selling houses and hotels
Hvis du på et tidspunkt i spillet har opnået et monopol på spillebrættet, ved at eje alle grunde i én farve har du mulighed for at udbygge grundene med huse og hoteller. Dette betyder at grundene bliver dyrere at lande på for dine modstandere, og at du tjener mere.It you at some point in the game hava a monoply of the game board by owning all the properties in one colour you have the opportunity of extending your property with houses and hotels. This meand that the properties will be more expensive for your opponents to land on and that you will make more money.

If you need money you have the opportunity of pawning some of the properties you own. By pawning you recive about half of the properties' value instantly, but at the same time you lose the opportunity of demanding payment on the property in question. By removing a pawn you will have to pay the amount you recieved for pawning it + 10% of the property's value.

Gas Station
You can end up at the "Gas Station" in 3 ways. Either you have landed on "Low Gas" and is send directly to the Gas Station" or you have gotten a "Gas Problem" card from the chance cards. If you have a "Free Gas" card, you can use this in stead. You do not receive money passing start if you pass it on your way to "Gas Station". To tank up and leave the square you have to get 2 identical numbers with the dice or pay a one-time amount. While you are at the GAS STATION to tank up, you will not recieve the money you would normally get for your properties.

Du går bankerot, hvis du på et tidspunkt i spillet, ikke kan betale en leje eller bøde, via din penge beholdning, salg, auktioner og pantsætning.You go Bankruptcy if you at any time in the game cannot pay rent or a fine through your cash, sales, auctions and pawns.

Chance squares
Every time you land on a chance square, you receive a chance card that can have a positive or negative effect on your game.

If you land on Service, you will have to pay € 1000 for the repair of your car.

25% Bonus Square
The bonus square is a buffer square. It means that you own the square if you are the last one to have landed on it. This means that you lose the square as soon as an opponent lands on it and hand over the ownership to him/her. If you own the 25 % Bonus square and pass start you recieve an extra 25% money passing start.

Oil Well and Oil Rig squares
There are 2 Oil squares on the game board: Oil Rig and Oil Wll. If you own one of these and an opponent lands on it you receive € 150 for every property the opponent owns. If you own both Oil squares the price is € 350 per property. It is not possible to build houses and hotels on the Oil squares.

Airport squares
There are 4 Airports altogether on the game board. The more you own of these the higher the earning.

1 Airport property 1% of the player's value
2 Airport properties 3% of the player's value.
3 Airport properties 6% of the player's value.
4 Airport properties 10% of the player's value.

It is not possible to build houses and hotels on the Airport squares.

Tax square
If you land on the Tax square you have the choise of paying 10 % of all your values (cash, properties, houses and hotels) or € 2000.

Bank square
The bank square collects half of all fines and taxes in the game. The amount is shown at the square. WHen a player lands on Bank he/she receives the entire amount and the Bank is reset.