Players' rating: 4.3 / 5

Travel Solitaire

In Travel Solitaire you must travel the world in your cargo plane. In every country a simpel and fun card game is played. Here you must beat obstacles to load your plane.

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Point overview

  • Per card 1 XP
  • Round (Normal) 75 XP
  • Round (Hard) 100 XP
  • Round (Expert) 150 XP
  • Order (Normal) 250 XP
  • Order (Hard) 500 XP
  • Order (Expert) 750 XP
  • Order (Special) 1000 XP

User reviews

Travel solitaire

by lilgj
weird. but could get used to it never like solitaire as a game with playing cards but this being played with numbers is a bit more enjoyable and challenging for the mind.