Players' rating: 4.2 / 5

Marble Kingdom

Marble Kingdom is a challenging game with lots of gamemodes and more than 70 levels. Start your collection of stars to unlock the universe and explore secret levels.

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Point overview

  • 10 Marbles destroyed 1 XP
  • Combo (multiply) 5 XP
  • Streak (multiply) 5 XP
  • Gap Bonus 10 XP
  • Level completed 50 XP

User reviews

Great Game

by luckyangel46
I love this game, I just wish they had carried on with more levels and challenges.
More updates PLEASE!

Thanks x

2 Thumbs UP!!!

by Smurfette009
I love this game. It can keep me busy for hours on end. It is fast paced and not too easy. Great game.