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Lucky Dice

Try your luck on Lucky Dice, the slot machine. With a bit of luck, you can win the jackpot. Lucky Dice contains Dice Game, Nudge, Line game and many other exciting features.

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Sweet and simple

by FionaInWales
I find the other slot games too complicated. This is great for passing away time waiting for tournies, or just for fun - make lots of tokens without even thinking about it.


by moneymonster212
I always just begine with 1000 tokens but end up leaving with over 50,000 tokens in just over an hour. This game is really hyperactive and its not hard to make a great profit


by Avion1929
These slots are a great way to make tokens on the side while waiting for tournaments to fill up. I've only used 1,000 tokens at a time and made that back tenfold. Just make sure to turn off the auto-hold during the dice game! :)