Players' rating: 4.2 / 5

Jigsaw Puzzle 2

In the beautiful Jigsaw Puzzle 2, you will find puzzles for all ages. There are beautiful pictures and funny pictures in many categories, different pieces and even help options. Play for fun or play to collect stars and score points.

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Point overview

  • Piece used 1 XP
  • Little puzzle completed 50 XP
  • Medium puzzle completed 300 XP
  • Bonus spin 500 XP
  • Large puzzle completed 1500 XP

User reviews

More Puzzles Please

by midnghtldy
Love these puzzles. Wish you would add more Badges and Bonus puzzles though. And also update with new puzzles.

Thanks, midnghtldy


by AldermanTony

:D :D :D

by marekid

Excellent game!

by mymanshunny
I am unable to finish jigsaws in time but its a good game, lovely pictures (I love the Degu one as I own one myself!) Great fun 5*s!!