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Farm Empire

Want to be the world's richest farmer? In Farm Empire you can build your farm from scratch. But be aware: one hen can rapidly multiply to 10 billion chickens.

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User reviews

Good game

by blackcat2
The game was resume from a very good cause of everything the game is a star of 5 and the game and the game can use money to get new things every single day as you wish it can get it.

best game ever

by shezii
this is one of the best games in this website ,,,,,,,, this game is truly joy full and addicted and very easy t play


by Sandie54
Love this game lots to do and now we have stars too collect.
Many different things to collect and work out the best route to take.
Have hours and hours of fun on here and get the right people in the room and the chat is often as good as the game.
Really looking forward to the new Farm

i earned lots

by crazygamer2005
my computer had to get fixed while I was away I earned $299.22 million this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by saz1403
i only went on this game to see what everyone was playing... weeks later im still on it. very addictive.. very good game. very slow start and takes time to make things progress still waiting to get a new farm lol.. love this game, love the free eggs and pressies.. all helps for upgrades. good job :)

Great to pass the time

by bikershark

Farm Empire

by Devk
It is very good game however it is very addictive game. Sweden and Australia is bit slow but if you have enough golden eggs then you can speed up the progress easily.

Fab time waster.

by KidJayjay
You think you will be on this game for a few minutes.....more like a few hours . Fab game easy to play.

Farm Empire

by emalijay
Peculiarly addictive game, you just can't help farming! Now with 3 different farms with different sets of animals/items to gather. Highly recommended :)

good game

by Coktio
its really good game,try it.................................................................................

So addictive!

by Laaita
WARNING! MASSIVE TIMEKILLER! ;) I'm always like "just few minutes" and I'm stuck for few hours ;) so entertaining!

Nice Game

by Slaybourne101
very good game to use up free time.been on it just a few days and very addictive to play and just wait to use up time.


by jamruf89

very good

by ntthai89
very good game for me when i got free time.

Thank you very much.

very good game for me when i got free time.

Thank you very much.

slow, but fun game

by morfa
In the beginning this game is kind of too slow, you must wait and often restart - to gain as much as possible workers. but when you reach 50% milestones and upgrades game become addictive - you want more and more. now I am waiting to reach the limit in USA farm, Australia is growing!