Players' rating: 4.3 / 5

Bubble Zoo

In the fun game Bubble Zoo the animals are round and jump around like balls. You must gather them into groups of three or more, and get them to fall down the tubes. Every 3 and 24 hours the 50 best players will be awarded major token prizes.

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Point overview

  • Animals released 1 XP
  • Rounds completed 20 XP
  • Bonus spin 100 XP

User reviews


by janetyg77
I just love It. I have to tear myself away because I would play It alnight. I stick to Bubble Zoo because Its so addictive I can't put It down

bubble zoo

love this game only believe when someone wins everyone should go back to zero and start fresh its very addicting game I play for hours

bubble zoo

I love this game it is very addicting I say im only going play a short time n im here all the time lol

Good !

by anamika99
This is good game ... And one of the best game on PAW . But i bored now.. thatswhy i have to give only 2 stars ... but you must try this ... hmm ... atleast one time ... Happy Gaming :)


by booty1988
recently started to play this game and oh my god its so addictive you literally lose track of time when you are playing the challenges. i highly recommend you give this game a try.

One of the Best

by zizy
Although I have finished all my medals, I still have a play every day.....I think it's called addiction lol.


by micheline913
super game !!! very, very good !!! I can play hours with this game. I can play this game while a'm french girl. It is very nice and i want tu play for long time.


by bushytail
i lose track of time as I get so engrossed in it. A brilliant game and cant stop playing it.I love to see the animals flying about and the noises they make.


by Apple
I can play this game for hours! It's bright, colourful, fun and a good challenge. It is very competitive, and I love the noises and music, be careful though, the animals like to cheat on you!